Tree of Life

Tree of Life Sculpture

Short Bio of David Klass, Designer of the Tree of Life

David Klass graduated from Pratt Institute in 1966 where he studied art and architecture. He went on to work with Theodore Roszak, and then set up his own studio in New York City. To further his understanding of the human body in 1973 and 1974, Mr. Klass studied anatomy at Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons. Through his deep understanding of anatomy he developed a unique sculptural approach of teaching anatomy and has instructed other artists for over 25 years. His work is known for its powerful realism. In addition to his human figures, his knowledge of anatomy and structures has allowed him to create animal sculptures with equal ease and facility. In 1991, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City commissioned him to create two life-size horses for their Arms and Armor Wing. David Klass is a member of The National Sculpture Society and has been showing his work professionally since 1962.  His work is in numerous private and public collections.

If you would like to be part of our tree, below are the donation levels. Our Tree of Life is located at the entrance of our Community Center.

  • Benefactor – Leaf with image of Dove – $3000
  • Sponsor – Leaf with image of Fish – $2000
  • Patron – Leaf – $1000

Please join this group today and have your special message appear on one of the leaves. Select your location on the tree today and make your contribution to Kimisis. The current list of sponsors appears below:

The Tree of Life sculpture is your opportunity to support our Church and be recognized for your generous donation. There are various levels of sponsorship. Please review the Inscription Form for details. All donations benefit the maintenance of the Church. The current list of sponsors appears below:

Please print the form below and fax or drop off at the Church Office.

You may also donate using our Online Giving Link

Tree of Life Inscription Form

Contact: Paul Callamaras at the Church Office: 732-739-1515

The Sponsors of The Tree of Life

accorsi family
alexander family
alexopoulos family
alne family
americanos family
anastasios family
anastos family
andreou, elefteria ritsa
anezza family
angeliadis family
antholis family
antonakakis family
arbes family
argyrou family
arnold family
arnold, cleo
asimakos family
aspiotis family
bakirtzis family
bartos family
bayshore american hellenic association
bell family
bilelo / theofilakos family
bolton family
bontales family
bowden family
bucco family
bulko family
callamaras family
callis family
carousis family
certa family – imo john certa
charalambous / horvath family
christian, christopher
christopher family
congemi family
coniaris family
constantine family
coutroubis, diane
dalarides family
de cristofaro family
deffigos family
demetriou family
dounelis family
dr. carey family
dr. coniaris family
dr. merianos family
dr. rossos family
drakos family
drekos family
drogaris family

Englisis Family

forge caterers

fountoukidis family
frangopoulos family
gavallas family
gavaris family
gavrielides family
geaneas family
georgoulis family
germana family
gibb family
gilbride family
giunco family
greceanu family
kapetanakis family
karatzia family
karides family
katsantonis family
katsingris family
kazanis family
kimisis greek school
kimisis playgroup 2000 – 2002
kimisis playgroup 1995 – 1997
kokinakos family

kontos family
kotsis family
koumoutsos family
kyriacou family
lawandales family
legakis family
lehaf family
liapis family
loizides family
loizou family
magriples family
makrinos family – iMO theofani & sprios mavrodis
makrinos family – iMO kalliope & theodore makrinos
makris family
maneri family
marinos family
mariolis family
mariolis, toula
mavroleon family
mc queen, george
melaharis family
milonas family
mookas family
murano family
neckonchuk, john
orfanitopoulos family
orfanitopoulos, anna
paladino family
palermo family
pallas family
panagakos family
pantelidis family
paras family
parlamis family (2)
patras family
patsis family
perdikaris family
petrosini family
phillipou family
ladies philoptohos (2)
phuros family
platis family
ploussas family
pol family
pretensis family
protentis family
rampino family
ritucci family
rosario family
sampinos family
sanoudis family
sarantakos family
sarres fornini family
sourlis family
stamatiades family
haricklia stamatis – iMO angelo stamatis & costa & irene chones
stamboulis, mary
stamoulis family
stellakis family
stojanovic family
synefakis family
teevan family
theodota zachou
theofilakos family
traficante family
triandafellos family
tsarnas family
tsarnas family – iMO evangelia tsarnas
tsarnas family – iMO stephanos tsarnas
tumazos family
valsamides family
vasilatis family
vastardis family

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