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The Kimisis Art Program for ages 8 thru 16+ is designed for children to explore their imagination while also learning classic drawing techniques. The objective is to develop and improve all areas of drawing, sketching, and mix media. A variety of media such as pen, pencil, and charcoal, colored pencils, markers, watercolors and oil pastels are introduced. Every year we learn art history and include a “special project” to learn about Greek culture and its connection in the art world. We also plan a wonderful year-end trip to a museum or location that correlates to the curriculum.

Arts education improves a child’s confidence, instill pride, helps your child develop real-life skills, increase opportunities for self-expression, and most important increases an individual’s sense of belonging to a community.

All students work at their own pace. As they develop, they work in small groups. The program is broken up into parts. Each project takes approximately 2 weeks to complete, depending on their difficulty. Most important our objective is to have fun!


Kimisis Art Enrichment Program and its Objectives


The importance of art in a child’s development is recognized by policy makers at the federal and state levels and by administrators and teachers at the school level. Unfortunately with budget decreases, art is one of the first things to get cut out of the school curriculum.

An individual’s introduction to art at an early age, particularly before they reach their teen years, is a contributing factor to developing an interest in art and ultimately benefitting from what art has to offer.

Art has a profound impact on young people and our goal is to offer an environment where students can build on art lessons learned, learn new art forms that may not be available at their schools and deepen their connection to the art world. Art enriches and gives meaning to people’s lives, helps them to feel part of society, and celebrates cultural diversity.

In addition to the intrinsic benefits that art offers, art has the ability to influence and shape a child’s development on a number of levels—academically, socially & emotionally.  Involvement in art allows children to express themselves—tapping into their inventiveness and creativity—and is a fun outlet that helps positively stimulate and motivate students.

Art has the remarkable ability to positively affect a child in his or her entirety—influencing his or her developmental, behavioral, social and intellectual capacities.

The role that our KAP after-school program plays in offering a broad exposure to the variety of existing art forms can help excite children about school, engage them in academic subjects, improve their focus and spark their creativity.  The absence of art from a student’s life is a lost opportunity to inspire change and individual growth.

Enriching Our Community Through Art


The Kimisis Art Program started in September of 2002 and got off to a great start! It is designed for children, ages 8 and up, to explore their imagination while also learning classic drawing techniques.

The objective is to develop and improve all areas of drawing, sketching, and mix media. A variety of media such as pen, pencil, and charcoal, colored pencils, markers, watercolors and oil pastels are introduced.