Coffee Hour

Thank you for supporting our community

Contact Harriet Callis at 732-291-5838 if you would like to volunteer or donate in memory of a loved one.

Contact: Harriet Callis –


The Coffee hour is a wonderful opportunity for Parishioners to become acquainted and make new friends. Children enjoy playing with each other and making new friends. Join and organization or volunteer to help on a project. All are welcome.

In September, a calendar is prepared assigning Coffee Hour to specific organizations. Please check the bulletin board and this web site for dates (see above link.)

From time to time, families may also wish to host coffee hour in memory of a loved one.The host provides refreshments (see below) such as pastries, cakes, cookies, fruit,  coffee, milk and juices.

Contact Harriet to host a coffee hour.

Duties of Hosting Family/Organization:


Donate the following items:

  • Three (3) Gallons juice
  • Two (2) Gallons milk
  • Fruit  for allergic folks
  • Gluten Free Products ( please label )
  • Children’s snacks for about 80 (at least SIX packages of cookies)
  • Adult pastries/ bagels – 80 people


  • Hosting organization must clean up the kitchen
  • Coffee maker on by 10:30 am – Directions are on machine
  • Set up food on tables after Divine Liturgy is over. Be sure there are enough tables/chairs for all parishioners, especially for large turnouts. The gym will not be open during services.
  • Set up tables with cups, napkins, sugar, milk, stirrers, juice in cups
  • Serve coffee, pastries, juice
  • Clean up kitchen area – empty coffee maker, store leftovers, clean tables
  • Place donations basket by pastries, count and submit proceeds to Church office
  • Paper Goods are supplied by Church and found in kitchen area


  • Please keep in mind Lenten observance for our coffee hour fellowship.
  • NO Dairy Products (milk, eggs butter etc.)

Organizations please donate the following

  • 3 gallons of juice
  • 1 gallon equivalent of non-dairy creamer
  • Children’s snacks of pretzels, nuts, raisins, chips, etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Adult’s halva, jello, bagels, margarine, peanut butter and any other non-dairy items

Please contact Harriet Callis for any special arrangements


The Kimisis Parish Council has requested that only the group hosting Coffee Hour run their fundraiser on their particular Sunday. Indoors, the fundraising table shall be located only in front of the Tree of Life in the Community Center. Any Church Organization requesting a Sunday fundraiser must call Harriet Callis at 732-291-5838.



July and August are times when it’s nice to bring a cake with you when you come to Church.

Coffee and non-perishable milk are in the Church kitchen.

Contact Harriet Callis at if you would like to volunteer or donate in memory of a loved one.